Hotel *** RAD

13 June 2016

We kindly invite you to a newly open hotel RAD. We hope it will become a harbour on your trips.

We meet our clients’ expectations, we offer high-quality services and fulfil the standard requirements, which has resulted in a 3-star-rating we were given.

Hotel RAD is a comfortable hotel, situated in a quiet part of the town, near the river Wisła and a forest. On the other hand, the distance to the town centre equals 3 km. The structure is situated on the area of 8.000 square meters formed in the formof a garden, the hotel itself covers approx. 2.500 square meters.

All our guests are offered a nice and professional service.


We have 87 rooms, 8 appartments and 4 rooms LUX. All rooms equipped with bathrooms & toilets, a telephone, satellite television. Appartments equipped with bathrooms & toilets, a telephone, satellite television and a mini bar. We also provide a wireless Internet connection in Hotel and Restaurant. We offer home atmosphere and proffesional service.


Regular prices Weekend prices
1 person in double room 150 150
2 persons in double room 190 190
Apartment 220 220
Additional bed 40 40
or organized groups (over 10 persons) – individual prices
The price includes: breakfast, hotel service, parking lot
We accept the following credit cards.

Guest Book

Along with the hotel RAD operation, the number of regular and satisfied guests – both domestic and foreign
ones – has been constantly increasing, what is reflected in the hotel RAD Visitor’s Book.
We had a great pleasure to host significant personalities of the world of:

Art and Culture:

  • Krystyna Janda,
  • Zofia Merle,
  • Witold Pyrkosz,
  • Marcin Daniec


  • Jerzy Maksymiuk,
  • Kasia Kowalska,
  • Patrycja Markowska,
  • Stachursky,
  • Big Cyc,
  • Myslovitz,
  • Czarno – Czarni


  • Artur Partyka,
  • Jacek Wszoła,
  • Marian Woronin,
  • Marek Łbik


  • presidents and mayors of towns and cities and even the President of II Republic of Poland in exile.


The hitory of the building reaches back to the year 1926, then the structure belonged to the Shooting Society in Grudziądz with the seat here. It was a wonderful building, the largest one in Poland – there were as many as 40 indoor shooting stands here.

“On the 8th April 1926 a foundation stone was laid to construct the building itself.” The most modern technological devices of that time were used in the building, like movable targets, signals, telephones, special blends etc.

The Society gathered older men and its aim was to “maintain fitness and military readiness among older citizens, who – owing to their age – didn`t already belong to the army reserves”.

The origins of the Shooting Society reach as far as the year 1353, when Henrich v Berentia set in the guilds a circle of shooting brothers “Die Schiesbruder” in order to increase the number of Grudziądz defenders.

Their motto was: “Practice your eye and hands to defend your Motherhood!”

We are proud to have so rich and uncommon history of the building, where the hotel and restaurant RAD are today. At present the building has been totally reconstructed and modernised.